Et moi, oh, je suis un adversaire de taille. Avouez-le.

“And me, oh I am a worthy opponent. Admit it.”

Do you really think I am intimitdated by them? Sure, they have quite the advantage but the greatest tactics are those that come out of nowhere. They seem to have it all, and sadly I envy them for that. They have such abumdance in their own little world. Their expensive possesions, oh they may keep those. I have no interest in them. But this is one thing I cannot stand to see them have. It is rightfully mine and I am coming in a fury to retrieve it. As they sit in their piles of jewels, I will come out of nowhere and get what has been stolen from me.  Do they see what they have? Do they take their treasures for granted? These questions are why I must fight. I want this. I refuse to sit back any longer. My pride is on the line.My heart and head are both in this now so there is no turning back. I intend to come out on top.




How do you feel about it?

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