When The World is Quiet

Time is frozen by the chilled winds of naysayers.  This bitter wind commands pens to cease writing. It barges through the locked doors and arrests creativity. This sharp and furious wind cuts out the power of the Makers and they are forced  to stop innovating. Children cry because they sense the wrong-doing. Mothers cry along because they are ashamed that their children must live in a place like this. The fathers become powerless. Their pitchforks are no match for this evil weather. The strong run into the streets waving torches as they tease the wind. They musn’t stop or they will be overtaken. The hateful and invasive wind continues…

The atmosphere changes, words that cut deep leave the daydreamers thoughtless. Surrounding energy shifts. The sun runs and hides. The roads become invisible and the air becomes dense and clammy.  Insults are hurled at the blossoming leaders and they crash against them like the angry ocean waves against innocent cliffs. They tell themselves that these are lies and they continue to lead. They shake their heads and try to dream again. Mentally they must push forward or they will be captured by these unforgiving waters. These oppressive waves continue…

Oh, they are so easily taken down by these attacks. They musn’t give in now, for they are of great importance. Wind and waves cannot hold them down. I tell them, please, stand up! Fight the wind, you are capable. Curse the waves and teach them their place, the power to do so is somewhere within you. For the love of God fight!

Then they all stop trying to fight it. The winds and waves roll over them, leaving them speechless. Hussssh, do you hear the nothingness?

The world is quiet when the Greats stop fighting and fall silent.





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