What Happens While You Blink

It takes .00001 seconds to blink.
In that time you are completely blind. Your arms stay flat at your sides and your legs continue to hold you up, but for one hundred-thousandth of a second your environment owns you. While your eyes rest for a moment things happen all around the world. The greatest mind of our generation is completing revolutionary work. The most talented hands just finished a masterpiece. A voice that sounds like that of an angel was just discovered. While this happened, your eyes weren’t even open.
You will never get that a hundred-thousandth of a second back.
A pair of feet just found a rhythm that no one else will ever be able to match. A medical sketch was just drawn that will one day save your uncle’s life.
You keep doing that, friend! You continue to blink and let the world go on without you. What have you done? Have you even begun to build a legacy? Why are you waiting on the edge of the pool? You could do it, you know. You could be that person. Instead of standing there blinking and hearing; chose to move. While you run to make up for lost time the wind will cause you to blink more and more. Time is being wasted, my friend. See what you are capable of. Look at what God gave you and become a force of innovation.
You see, changing the world is part of the job requirement in our lives. You could choose to let everyone else make up for what you chose to not do, or you could embody the greatness that was given to you.
Now someday you will make it to the Hall of Worldchangers. And when you walk up those steps you will blink. Now your blinking is not time wasted. You worked and your eyes were dry through the struggles but now you can blink and replenish them with the movement of the world. Stamp His name on your accomplishments and you will be blessed.


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