To You, Jack

“Answer me.
Come on. This isn’t a game.”
Running my fingers through my hair I see why he did it. He’s always been this way.
Calm down.
“Look at me. Life happens. We all make mistakes. You’ll be fine but you need to change.”

Hey, the above conversation changed my life and I didn’t know it.

My best friend. How could he? Does he have any idea what he means to me? Why would he do that? He knows being a troublemaker isn’t ever a good idea. What will his mom do? She doesn’t need this.

Hey, the above conversation never actually took place, but I wish it had.

I can tell you some funny stories about Jack, he’s my family. I’m really close to him in a distant way but that’s always worked for us. A couple years back Jack changed. He went from my buddy to someone I didn’t know. Life at night makes certain promises to wandering teens. He believed them and the boy who once sat under the evergreen with me was gone the second he breathed in the smoke of those burning promises.
I got a call.
Jack was in an accident, there is head trauma involved somehow and I’m 4 hours away.


I was so afraid. I should’ve talked to him when the trouble started. Was it too late now? Did I have the opportunity to save his life but my pride choked the light out of my intentions?
I couldn’t forgive myself. If I lost him…

Jack healed. But I haven’t talked to him about it, even now. I don’t want him to think that I’m judging him because I’m not. I just want him to see his worth and potential. He doesn’t need drugs, more jail time or another intervention. He needs someone to love him more than anyone else. I need to look out for him.
He isn’t the same.
You aren’t the same, Jack. But one day I will have to courage to talk to you. Until then, I’ve written out my heart on the topic of you. You’re family, I’m sorry I haven’t been the family you deserve through all of this.
To you, Jack,
I love you for what it is worth. You have a greatness in you.


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