The Curious Case of Hospitals


Hospitals are the only place on earth where the cries of a newly widowed woman sing harmony to the crying of a newborn. It truly twists my mind that one place can inhabit some many different circumstances. There is a man who is about to witness the birth of his first child. The car comes to an abrupt stop as he pulls up near the main door of the hospital. There is no time to waste, today is all about miracles. The doors seem as though they are miles away so he reprises his role All-State track star. He leans forward and runs to the finish. As he picks up speed he wipes warm tears from his eyes as he quickly spots a nurse. He politely yet frantically asks a nurse, "Which room is my wife, Nina Mirk in?" She smiles and calls out, "Room 207!" He smiles brightly with a sincere, "Thank you," as he takes off. He runs past the chairs in the hallway and looks for the room his wife is in. He will never forget today.
A brisk breeze moves her hair and causes her to look up. Some man is running down the hall. She wanted to thank the man for shaking her out of her daze by rushing past her. She couldn't remember how long ago she sat in that seat and started staring into space. Emmett was her everything. He loved her, gave her the gift of two handsome sons and he remained faithful to her for forty-eight years. This mass on his lung wasn't supposed to take him. Emmett promised to fight it and stay around but even he couldn't fight his own body. She was stunned. Emmett was asleep and the machines that gave him life started to beep. She woke up out of a nap and called for the doctor. Soon enough nurses filled the room and she was asked to step into the hallway to make room for more nurses. She stepped outside and lost all sense of pride. Tears fell and her chest tightened as she grasped for air. She will never forget today.
"My gorgeous son, Leo," he began, "I'm your daddy." Tears leaked out once more as he brought this wonderful creation to his chest. He never loved Nina or life more than in this moment.
"Mrs. Landers, I'm so sorry," began the doctor. She didn't need to hear anymore she just nodded and turned off her mind. Her body felt light like a paper doll. She became dizzy so with every ounce of strength she had she put her head against the wall. Tears cascaded down her aged and once happy face. "Emmett, I love you," she sobbed. She never felt more pain in her whole life than she felt in this moment.
Hospitals are a curious place. One can experience so many emotions and realities all within the confines of a few walls. Emmett went on to be with Jesus and Leo went on to be the light of his parents' lives.
That day in the hospital is celebrated every year in Leo's house.
That day in the hospital is always mourned in the Landers home.


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