War Paint Wisdom


This right here is where it all stops.
This is my domain and you’re entrance is denied with spears and torches.
I’m drawing the line in the sand. But not an ordinary, plain , yes; cowardly line.
I’ll trace the segment and dowse it in lighter fluid and set it ablaze.
This is MY house. I stain my hands with war paint and go to work. Two lines below my eyes, I’m fearless.
One line across my forehead, come on.
One last line down the Prime Meridian of my face,
I dare you to challenge me.
You thought I would be scared didn’t you? Your deceitfulness is simply a mask covered in plastic, store-bought stones meant to distract from your true spirit. You try to pass yourself off as powerful but your cloak is made of the Broken Ones. You rejoice when the strong fall and the corrupt rise.
Your reign of confusion ends now.
You see, I’m not alone in this. There is One inside of me that will crush you and throw you into your own disaster. I’m stronger than you think.
I tie back my hair and begin to hum my victory song as the firewood crackles in the darkness. I am ready for whatever you have planned.
I lace up my shoes and take hold of my weapon,
Are you sure you still want to mess with me?


How do you feel about it?

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