Until then…


You tucked me in just like my mother. You read us stories and claimed us as your own.
I will never forget you.
Your face,
Your voice,
Your kind spirit, I will treasure you always.
Remember when you caught the nine year old versions of your daughter and I drinking black coffee? You laughed and simply made more.
Without fail you taught us how to be beautiful women.
We tore through your make up in the bathroom and dreamed of seeing a gorgeous reflection like you do.
You let me be a child with a reckless pursuit of an eternal summer.
You offered more advice than I can write.
“Follow your heart, stay true to who you were created to be. Oh and you kids be back by dark and don’t forget bug spray.”
My mother and you were inseparable so it’s no wonder all of your kids became best friends. My father and your husband became brothers through trial and victory, I’m so glad this bond has been part of me for so long.
Now our family has an open gap.
As I think about you I try to be strong but it is so hard. I feel like a water-filled vase that has been slashed. I’m desperately clinging the security I once had but the tears pour through the slash marks and I’m left feeling helpless and empty.
Heaven opened and welcomed you home.
The angels sang Mike’s favorite song and you were whole and complete in a place where pain and tears have to cease.
You are finally with Micah, the son you were only able to hold once. And now you can be a second mom one more time for me. Find my sweet little brother Korban, he’s lived there for 9 years now, Micah and him can show you around.
The streets of gold will shine brighter with your radiating joy reflecting off of its pure surface.
Thank you for all you ever did for me.
Forgetting you would be like denying my lungs oxygen.
But no goodbyes here, only “see you later”.
But until then…

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