Remember In Peace (R.I.P.)


There is beauty in the rain.
Yes, there is joy in the pain.

I’ll rest and watch nature work in silent songs.
My fears become the sound of a whisper more than that of an oppressing gong.

Here I will learn a lesson that will not soon fade.
This creation will show the progress that so many have made.

I’ll straighten up and learn my ways.
No more will I be ruled by this terminal daze.

I look and see the trees and notice how they willingly allow the water drops to rest upon their bark,
It’s here I learn that I’d better learn how to cope with these tears of mine in the dark.

The puddles ripple with questions and uncertainty.
I can make it through, oh yes, certainly.

Call me weak for feeling powerless,
But my heart is mending from its broken mess.

I’ll allow grief to take its short time,
Just take note, the victory will be mine.

As the wind rolls in with peaceful sighs
I’ll clear my throat and dry these eyes.

Time will never be my confidant or my armor bear
But now I know you’re finally there.


How do you feel about it?

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