Something Good


I must have done something good.
There he is.
Tall and handsome in the sunlight.
I love how that lights hits his hair as he stands outside my apartment.
Holding the door for balance, I put on my other shoe. I laugh as I say, “I’ll be ready in two minutes.”
He takes the two fingers I had held up and pulls my middle finger free from the union it had with my ringer finger and pinky.
Smiling he replies, “Let’s me honest, it’ll be at least 3.”
He pulls me close to him in the doorway and I just fall into his embrace. I could stay here all day.
He comes in and I run to my bathroom to check my hair. He loves to run his fingers through my curls so I’ve left them down and free. My make up is evident but I don’t like being covered in layers and layers of fake imagery and I think he appreciates that about me.
I smile in the mirror. My reflection is glowing with happiness. Being on cloud nine is so surreal after only hearing tales of it your whole life.
I hurry out to ensure that I prove his time estimate wrong. Teasing is one of our favorite date-night activities so I have to really get sassy to win tonight’s battle.
Gosh, how can he look so incredibly handsome just sitting on the couch?
His denim shirt makes a wonderful pair with those olive green pants and oxfords. I love that even though he lives in the gym he finds himself dressing to impress. And oh does he.
Tonight will be unforgettable.
Either star gazing on our favorite hill or an adventure downtown, we’ll find laughter and joy in its purest form together. Our intertwined hands will make a wager with the sun. Who will last longer?
Spoiler alert: we won’t loose.
We never do.
He stands up and hands me my jacket from the arm of the couch. Once more he draws me in and there it is. Pure joy between us. His lips never fail to surprise me. So wise with words and still so gentle and genuine when they come close to mine.
I must have done something good.
I’d write more but he makes me want to breathe our story, not just write it. Don’t worry though, we’ll have plenty of stories to share, he’s quite the pioneer in my heart.
Sunshine, smiles and security.
Somehow I find myself in the eye of their comforting storm. And I’m not alone there either.


How do you feel about it?

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