365 days

I’ll never be fifteen again.
I said so long to sixteen just as I did to nine and ten.
Gently I tucked in seventeen and wished it sweet dreams.
But don’t fret there isn’t quite yet a need for night serums and creams.
Now I lye awake.
Staring at the eight.
Waiting for it to become a nine.
When did I grow up? I don’t know, Sometime?
Where have my days, months, years gone?
My original look is no longer the one I don.
These legs of mine were pulled further.
And this mind of mine, well, it’s gotten surer.
When walking I carry the workings of a women.
My once little, child feet would not believe where I have been.
My countless breaths got away from me.
I know a gasped a lot during my time across the sea.
I’ve lived in this body for nearly two decades.
Yet my soul begs to differ on the exact age.
Gradually I’m learning how the earth spins.
How to stand up after a fall and how to celebrate life’s wins.
The organ that beats and pumps life in my veins is sturdy, strong and entirely unfazed.
Stepping into the shoes placed before me,
My eyes behold the magnificence of His glory.
This stirring in my innermost being is telling me, “it is time,”
So now I’ll stand up taller, point forward and shine.
Come closer. Can you feel my pulse racing?
It must be the side affects of the dreams I’m chasing.
This year will sail further and be far better than fine.
Just wait, I’ll do great things with this one and with this nine.

How do you feel about it?

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