I’m finding it.
My feet are sinking into the tracks I have made.
Alert the authorities of mediocrity, I’ve gone rogue. I’ve outgrown contentment in very department it once claimed.
I have direction. My father drew me a map and now I’ve finally found the starting point.
I was so stuck and regulated. But can’t you see all this time my identity has been pursuing me as I ran around in the “What If” field of mines?
Oh how foolish my fears were. They hissed my name and I answered, shaking. Not anymore.
I’ve found success, I’ve uncovered the fingerprint of Midas and I intend to replicate it for my own use.
I remember my knees buckled when they blindfolded me but those tears loosened the cloth from my eyes and I got up to face my opponent at eye level.
I became…stronger.
They may have knocked the wind out of me but I’ll use that same free wind to push my sails into the roaring ocean of dreams.
Beware, I’ve found my fight again. This fire is recognized as I pull out my dusty armor. I’ll have it polished in no time. I flex my newly formed muscles and laugh.
I became stronger…than them.
Their efforts to break me were ingenious. Little did they know that their assigned labor was aiding me. I built a bridge to freedom.
My aching body formed an alliance with my weary mind. Giving up wasn’t an option and defeat was impossible.
Together they achieved it.
With armor fastened to my now impenetrable body I take the first step toward their fortress.
My return is without sound and unexpected.
During my captivity I learned the territory well. I knew every weak area and every fortified entrance.
I chose the seemingly “untouchable” front gate for my opening act.
They’ll never be able to capture anyone again.

How do you feel about it?

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