Have you seen this man?

Running around she holds a single sheet of paper in her hand.
Running from stranger to passerby she looks for him.
Running out of breath she continually asks, “Have you seen this man?”
Running out of people to ask she walks toward a park bench. Nothing but confused stares…she wasn’t having much luck.

Asking her,
Asking them,
Asking the One above,
“Have you seen this man?”

Waving the sheet of paper she says, “He is tall, with dark hair and eyes that make you weak at the knees.”
Waving to the couple across the street she tries to get their attention, “He smiles even when there isn’t sunshine.”
Waving the fees of the past from her heart’s bank account she remembers, “He loves so genuinely I almost can’t believe it.”

He is around here somewhere.
He is fairly hard to find.
“Have you seen this man?”

Bending down she ties her shoe as she sees another person, “His arms are molded to perfectly hold me.”
Bending her wrist she hears a pop as she begins to grow tired. “He should be here, I can’t keep looking.”
Bending her head she cries as she holds up the paper she never let go of, “He is the love of my life. He is somewhere around here.”

A kind looking man comes nearer but she doesn’t notice with her head cradled in her own hands.
Bending down he asks, “Are you ok ma’am?”
He is handsome. She looks up.
Waving his hand he says, “Hi, I’m _______,
have you seen this girl?”
Asking around my town…and other towns proved to be a waste of time so I came here. He notices her beauty right as he says,
“Running into you is just the break I needed.”

She has long since stopped her crying, his eyes…they were captivating. If she wasn’t sitting her knees would feel weak.
He was sitting but she could tell he was tall and his black hair moved gently with the light winds that tousled her hair as well.
“Who are you looking for?” she asks the man
“I could ask you the same thing,” he replied while acknowledging her paper with a slight head tilt.
“I’ll hand mine to you if you hand your paper to me,”
Taken back by her biting honesty and breathtaking features he laughs and pulls out a folded piece of paper out of his pocket, “Alright.”
They exchanged papers and both exhaled through smiling lips.


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