20140523-144605-53165356.jpgSomewhere along the line we traded our individuality for lack of responsibility in creativity. Apparently since being an original doesn’t involve downloading an app, we have become uninterested in the whole idea. Can we blame ourselves for what the world has spoon-fed us from birth? Certainly not, but at some point we should have taken a fork with our own hand and decided what we believe.
The path of indifference is lined with naps and blank to-do lists so the classes fill up early every fall.

I could be a crazed nineties spawn or a rising diplomat for my fellow humans, I just want my generation to be remembered.

Will they study us in the school systems one hundred years form now? What kind of greatness lies dormant in us as we stare at the screen all day? It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun but that daisy wasn’t there yesterday. I don’t know about you but clothing lines and catchphrases simply aren’t enough for me. I have to justify this life I live, I have to leave my handprints in cement. Let’s not waste away like a life savings in Vegas. Pinky promise me that we’ll never let them put us into a box. Let’s me different. Let’s redefine youth. Could we retire to Florida someday instead of tearing through it every March? We become professionals in our recreational passions so we should be careful what we leave in the wake of our presence. What if we didn’t let them tell us who we are until we know who “they” are? No more cowering behind their empty pronoun, we’ll illuminate the cellar of false tradition.
There is something beautiful about the way we walk through life. But just because you two wear the same shoes doesn’t mean you’ll follow the Same Path.
I’ll take those “i’s” out of original and turn them in “me’s”. I’ll set the world ablaze with my own doctrine of originality and we will thrive under this sun. Let’s clear away the doubts and insults against us. That driftwood is simply hindering the strokes that will carry us to our destiny. Enlist in the army of world-changers and daredevils. We will plunder the kingdom of Impossible.

Rise up, unplug and get your hands dirty. This world needs us.


How do you feel about it?

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