The Chronicles of a Stand-In Guardian Angel

20140530-212519-77119154.jpgThe way we live will determine how we die. If we fight through the struggles, we will be confident in how to be victorious in all things. If we let life steamroll us, we will simply be flatter and easier to dispose of.
The idea of life felt easy for so long but when the first storm hits you begin to question everything you’ve known.

The sky crackles and roars as if a monster lies behind its midnight shades of blue. Sounds of lead feet tramp around the atmosphere, stumbling into the ozone’s holes. The newspaper doesn’t shield all of the sky’s tears but it is certainly better than nothing. How does the sky remain so angry when it has tasted the happiness of sunshine? Here comes the pain. Heartbreak threatens to flatten you little by little like hail and suddenly that newspaper of your mother’s advice isn’t so helpful.
Quickly now, the storm is progressively getting more destructive. That puddle represents rejection. Jump it quickly or you will drown in its unforgiving waters. Water is deceiving like that, it makes you estimate its depth merely by look. That’s how it lures you in. Misery masked in artificial safety. Take my hand, dear, we haven’t much time. Strife beings to illuminate the sky in loud burst of terror. How did the heavens make something as peaceful as light become so menacing? The lightning strikes and you don’t want to be its victim. Come now, follow closely. It is headed for your family tree. If you aren’t on my heels, dear it will simply destroy it. Stop stumbling over those stones! They are laid out here by the Landlord. Stumbling blocks are made to derail you; to discourage you. The sky moans for relief from the pain of giving birth to such a storm, we must hurry before we find out that it is twins.
The sky’s tears pour in every direction, saturating everything it comes in contact with. Listen up, young one! You mustn’t let the insecurities soak you! If they make their mark on you they will only seep in more and more as you go along. The earth beneath you feet is beginning to shake, have no fear. Those tremors are that of once-earthquake-potential. The unrealistic standards and goals simply weighed them down. They never became earthquakes so now they live their lives on the silver screen of storms. Can you see how pressure crushes horizons?! Keep moving! No time to stop and stare! The house is just that way, I know you are scared and unsure of how you got here but this is life. The forrest of reality. It seeks to destroy you, my dear! Run now, run! Time is of the essence, darling!
I know its cold and my voices is crackling for the shouting but sometimes to be heard, you have to make sacrifices and you have to find a way to be louder than life; louder than the storm! Your grip cannot loosen. Hold fast to me and I’ll take you as far as I can, unfortunately the beauty of life lies in the struggles just beyond this bridge. Trees of poverty will fall hopes of crushing you, but you must be wise. Dodge the trouble as it begins to tilt, and yell, “TIMBER!” as a kind warning for those behind you. Oh and the bridge! There are some things you should know. Pick up the pace now, dear, and wipe the confusion from your face. Fear is crippling here. It will get you nowhere. What was I saying? (The sky seams to be imploding.) Treacherous rips being made in the sky keep us from hearing our own hearts. But the most important thing is to listen closely, you’ll hear it. After all, we always hear if we truly value what something has to say. THE BRIDGE. Right, the first board is rotten from the bottom up, it looks fine but it will collapse from your weight if you attempt it. That’s one reason why you simply cannot carry baggage with you. It will make you heavier and far more prone to disaster. Jump the first board, when promises are made they seem fine from your vantage point. They appear strong enough to hold you, but the lies and false motives creep in from the bottom, child. You mustn’t trust everything you are promised! Stay on track after that and you should learn as you go. Pick up your knees! You’ll be faster that way. They can’t keep you down in you rise above their plans! BERRIES! The berries are no good, stay away. They are sweet at first but they dry up your insides when you least expect it. Betrayal is a bitch when it comes to timing. It simply isn’t ever convenient. What am I missing? I don’t want to forget anything, I’ve taken a liking to you. Those wide eyes will get you far. I can practically see your hopes and dreams being fed behind those brown eyes. Stay the course! Don’t let your eyes wander toward those unruly men. For when your eyes leave the path, so your feet leave the path toward those dreams. Your grip on my hand has gotten tighter! (The rain seeks to make us her slave so we press on through the white fog-like hinderance.) That means you know what will help you survive. Keep your hands fixed to the projects at all times! Idle hands prove to be the best way to rob yourself (and the world!) of the greatness that is within you.
This lightening is hungry and we are a good meal if cannot outrun it! Curse the lightning, DO IT! There you go, you see. Strife cannot go where it isn’t permitted. Now the rain! Take care of the rain! How? Sing to yourself! Sing about how you love who you are. Dance to the rhythm this freedom creates. The tremors, now, the tremors. Don’t pressure yourself to be like anyone else. Just be you. You can be you and keep running at the same time now, come on. See that? Keep going the bridge is coming! I have to leave you now! I’m sorry. DO NOT take off your shoes. Laziness gets you nowhere! Run.
Run, my dear, RUN!
The storms of life will kill you if you give them the chance. Dodge the hail, it cannot meet a moving target. SING UNTIL YOUR LUNGS GIVE OUT. Silence is the workshop of envy, keep your song louder than the wining of entitlement! I know this seems hard, but you can only learn one way, child. Now go, remember what I told you!

As she runs ahead of me I see how fresh her slate is. Her life is totally sheltered from the storms, now she has to learn. My heart can only survive so many more of these sky tantrums, I pray my words live on through her. I will forever grab these childrens’ hands as they are forced into this forrest and I will help them find their way through it. We have to lessen the casualties and improve the quality of the journey.
So shout a solid, “SCREW YOU.” to the things that try to crush you, we are capable.
NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. Get up, my dear, start running.


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