Ocean’s Daughter: Part I

Part I of my series "Ocean's Daughter". If it seems to go over well I will continue to post the remaining segments of the saga in chronological order. Send me your feedback in the comments section! Thanks– xxAris

The ocean calls her name. It whispers her dreams and tells her of the future. The ocean beckons her. The tide runs up her feet like a dancing child but she knows she must remain on the shore. Quickly she turns away and finds safety behind the iron gate.

The sun rises.

She awakens and finds herself once again walking along the fine line between land and sea. The childlike tides begin to demand her return. The rip tides crash against her ankles and pull her unwilling body into its manipulative waters. She fights the tides and curses them as she trudges back to shore.

They can’t have her.

The day has gone as quickly as it came. The color of the night sky reminds her of the midnight ocean and she cannot fight the desire to return. She dons her figure necklace. The woman made of silver shines but her blue fishtail steals the spotlight. Curiosity and homesickness win the war of emotions. She jumps from her balcony and swings open the iron gate. Her feet are thirsty for the ocean. That overwhelming thirst is quenched when she stops ankle-deep in the moving waters.

The ocean calls her, “Return, return…”

She reaches up and hides her figure necklace in a fist and cries, “You can’t have me!” Playing back the memories she tries to remind herself why she left.

The controlled yet mischievous tides turn into furious waves. The waters rise above her like a massive wall and come flying in to retrieve their daughter once more.

She sings.

Other than swimming that is all she has ever known. Her song is authoritative and fierce. Raising her arms, she makes the hounding song spread. She holds her arms in front of her body as she pushes the coming wave back.

She hadn’t felt that in a while….


The Corners of My Mouth

You see, my lips come together and form corners. They are a quiet part of me, and until now they always have been. They are lovely little corners but there seems to have been an occurrence: they have been stolen. Oddly enough, I no longer control them. You do. Whenever you are around these corners of my mouth rise and my lips play along.

I smile.

As you might have noticed, the corners of my mouth are shy. They hide every time I choose silence. They fear the harshness, like that of winter. They fear rejection and pain. Look at them, they are vulnerable and weak.  It takes some coaxing to get these corners to join in this song you’ve written but you seem to be an expert.

You come around and these corners respond at your commands. They rise and my lips play along.

I smile.

It is humorous how you are taking more and more of me. That is not a bad thing, in fact it is quite exciting. You stole my thoughts, my heart and now you own the corners of my mouth. You will in no time own my entirety and we will forever be together. These timid corners of my mouth are only the beginning of what you will leave your print on. And I cannot wait to see what our future will hold.