So That

I’m just a little off but that turns your heart on. I dance to my own beat and you begin to follow. Love is to be sought after with reckless abandon but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. For “once” let me be the “upon a time” and I swear you’ll be my “happy ever after”. Come closer so that my heartache is forced farther. Take my hand so I can finally fall…
Hold me to help me let go. Whisper your dreams and I will shout your talents to the world. Look me in the eye so that I can’t even choose to look down. Kiss me one more time so that I’ll know your my last and only. Dance with me so that fighting is easily ended. Move with me so settling down will be a long awaited joy. Chase the stars with me so that we can see our futures through the One who created the stars. Respect me so that Ill learn my true worth through confidence and security. Let me fall asleep I your arms so that I can wake up with the greatest view. Calm me to make me outgoing. Quietly compromise your quirks with me so that we’ll be able to handle each others oddities. Love me for who I am so that I can love who you are becoming even more.
Play music, it’ll drown out the silence of the lonely. Organize your heart so that Im not your only love, leave room for family. Fall to your knees in desperation to the creator so that I can see how truly strong you are.
Marry me so that Ill never forget how lucky I am.



Coming out of nothing it finds me. A splash. It surprises me.

Joy, pure joy is like a splash.

I sit and read your book, splash. I’m drenched.

My friends and I jump into the unknown with crossed fingers and somehow we land in a puddle. Joy must have accumulated here.

I’d say joy is like rain but I like to think that joy does not come in small drops. Although you could argue that joy is a constant thing that we simply choose to ignore at times like an ignored rain storm but I believe that joy comes in large, unannounced amounts all of the time.

As I admire the world I am joyful. We have so much to live for, why we forget that I’ll never understand. I find joy in the way those people carry on and I find joy in the picture that love paints. Most of all I find joy in the simple act of breathing. You could argue this but I do not think you would be in a chipper mood if you did not have oxygen, friend.

Next time you feel gloomy find where the splash is. Seek it out, it is there. When life gives you lemons, do not water them down. Instead eat them, that sour taste may spur you to get up and receive your joy! You are worth more than you know and that joy is ready to surprise you.