Sense Doesn’t Make Any

Humans are perfect.

Do not shake your head quite yet, friend. Please, read on.

We are perfect when it comes to failing. We never get it right.

We are perfect when it comes to hurting those we love. We are selfish.

We are perfect at lying and breaking our word. We are tired of making an effort.

We are perfect at doing nothing at all. We believe things should come to us at our beckoning.

We are perfect when it comes to being blind. Again, we care far too much about ourselves.

Humans are flawed.

And now you are agreeing. You are one complicated person, my friend, but I’m right there with you.

We are flawed in the way we chose to love. We forget what love means.

We are flawed in the way we speak. We are ignorant.

We are flawed in our actions. We are impulsive and impatient.

We are flawed by those around us. We let them shape our individuality so that it matches theirs.

Being perfectly flawed in all of these things somehow makes us better. We cling to one another and suddenly all of our emotional wrinkles and sunspots fade away. We make each other ok. We learn to work against our perfectly flawed nature and we become great. We are not perfect by any means but we learn to love and this endeavor leads to perfect happiness.

Humans, how curious a creature…