Brick Walls

Brick walls are said to be strong, much like my father.
He has always been the pillar of my family and I strive to make him proud. I began to I mirror his strength in times of pain because he always seems to make it through and I want that as well. He finds shelter at my mother’s side and he finds strength with bended knees and hands raised. My father tends to take on quite a bit, and I have followed that as well. I try to do a lot because I have seen my father excel in so many things he has put his hands to and I want that same prosperity for myself.
Time and time again, I mirror my father; a brick wall.
Have you ever noticed though that brick walls all crumble at some point?
You see, this scared me. I do not want to crumble, nor do I want that to be my father’s fate. I looked closely and realized what I had missed. With proper care, brick walls last centuries. When someone tends to a brick wall and makes sure it is weathering well, no man can knock it down. I believe my father found a good “brick layer” to take care of him in my mother and in the Creator.
I will mirror my father once more. I will lift my hands and gain strength to carry on and I will find a partner in life. I will find a man to keep me standing tall. Who knows, perhaps this man is a brick wall as well. We could come together and form a house. A house made like that would stand.
My father is an example of strength and love. I want to be like him in that same sense. It is ok to be strong, just remember to have someone to take care of you as well, no one remembers a pile of rubble. We all look to bricks walls to find security.
Thank you to my father who never stops teaching me.


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